"I was given my zRax board rack as a birthday present from my family while we were on holiday.  Minutes latter it was assembled, and then we found a place for it to hang.  It was perfect for keeping all our boards  out of the way and at the same time made them easily accessible. It's great design and it's so easy to assemble & lightweight. So now our boards can hangout in comfort where ever we go. I wish you all the very best with your awesome invention".

Neil Wing


Easy transaction,great rack!

Thanks Ryan

"ZRAX are the most practical surfboard racks
on the market. I live in rented accommodation and had always worried about marking the walls, ZRAX one pivot point system and light weight material means that I don’t have to worry about damaging the property and also make for easy assembly. After 12 years of surfing and 4 years of working in the surf industry, I have never
seen such a revolutionary surf storage product;
I strongly recommend them to anyone.

Abe Andrews

Well done , it is all you described, great design and function,
Very happy


What fantastic service. My zRAX Board
Racking System arrived the day after I placed
the order. I finally got some time today to erect my zRAX and it looks great. It was simple to erect and easily displays all my boards. I am stoked with the zRAX Board Racking System
and my wife is pretty happy too as all my boards are together now instead of all around the house. Every surfer with multiple boards should check this system out. Thanks Tim for a great product and also for the fantastic service.

Michael O'Donnell

I got your racks today. Got them set up, very nice!!
Look great with boards in them.

Excellent product, delivered fast.

Barney Scott
Received the racking system today and installed in 5 minutes –couldn’t believe how quick it was to assemble
I’ve been looking for a suitable rack for sometime now and stumbled across your website whilst searching.
You really have a great design and a practical product. I will certainly be spreading the word here in the West.

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